Fire Alarms - Why You Must Have One!

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Although their value is almost beyond measure, amazingly many people still do not have a fire alarm in their home. Every person’s number one DIY job in the home should be to install one.  In the event of a fire, this simple yet essential device could save the lives of your family. There is absolutely no excuse not to have a fire alarm in your home. They can be found at all good DIY stores and supermarkets, are cheap to buy and straight forward to install.

It will only take a few minutes to install and the only equipment you will need is a screwdriver. Then, you will simply need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and attach it to the ceiling with the screws provided. Nearly all alarms require a battery and there will be a test button on the device to ensure that it is working correctly.

So how many fire alarms should you have? Well, obviously the more you have the safer your family will be but it is certainly advisable to have two.  You can then have one on each floor, probably on the ceilings in the hallway and landing. In most homes theses are usually the best places as they can be heard from as many different rooms as possible. It is also worth bearing in mind when you are selecting a location for your alarm that open fires and kitchens are likely to trigger them frequently. They should also be installed at least 25cm away from lights and walls.

If you are going to have just one smoke alarm, the best place to put it is on the ceiling at the top of the landing. This will ensure that it can be heard when people are asleep in their bedrooms.

Once installed it is then a question of maintaining the alarm properly. It should be tested every week by pressing the test button when the alarm should sound. A couple of times a year you will need to remove the casing and dust inside. Then, once a year the battery should be replaced or as recommended in the manufacturer’s instructions. After ten years, the alarm should be replaced completely.

In the event of a fire at your home, you are twice as likely to die if you do not have an alarm. Installing one will alert you to the dangers of fire and allow you vitally precious minutes that could save lives.

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